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Baker Bushes & Mountings (BBM) | www.bakerbm.com

BBM-logoWe are company in the UK called Baker Bushes and Mountings.

Our main product lines are aimed at the 205 GTI (or though we are now also producing more parts for the 106GTI and 306GTI).

As well as our main products which include:

GrpN Engine Mounting Kits
GrpA Rear Beam kits
GrpA Fork Bushes
Bronze pivot bushes.

We have now also developed a Left hand drive Silicon Hose kit to fit European 205 GTI's. These are available in standard 8v forms or a 16v kit.

We have many products which are underdevelopment. These include:
Silicon Oil breather hose kits for the 8v 205 GTI
Mi16 Vernier pulleys , with standard timing holes and two preset positions for the No.2 and No.4 pulley
Independently adjustable top Suspension Mounts.
Shortened Mi16 Throttle body hoses.